WVU Department of Exercise Physiology Ph.D. candidate Dharendra Thapa is a native of Nepal. He recently issued a plea to the WVU community to help his country and his people after a devastating earthquake hit April 25.

"It passed right through my hometown; hundreds died that instant, and thousands were injured," Thapa said. "It tore the city I grew up in into shreds and destroyed numerous historical and cultural heritage sites, while continuing to haunt our country through persistent tremors.

"My family and others have spent the past couple of nights scared in the streets with a limited supply of food, water and shelter," Thapa added. "Thousands of people are injured and are living on the streets in desperate need of medical attention, food and shelter. As a developing country, Nepal is in desperate need of all the help it can get from around the world."

Thapa noted many organizations that are providing relief to Nepal and asked WVU faculty, staff and students to consider donating. "These organizations are the most capable of making a difference, and your contribution will save lives immediately," Thapa said.