WVU Medicine employees who are at the silver rate for their health insurance coverage have the chance to save on their insurance premiums by moving up to the gold rate for the 2017 plan year.

Employees and covered spouses of union employees who have one or more measured biometric values out of the normal limits after going through the Key Rewards wellness screenings can achieve the reasonable alternative standard by improving at least one biometric value and by completing a tobacco cessation program, if applicable, by March 31. Here are the goals:

  • BMI – 12-week weight-loss goal of 5 percent, not to exceed 12 pounds, or move to a BMI of less than 26, whichever is less.
  • Blood pressure, LDL, glucose – decrease by 10 percent (for blood pressure, each number that is above range) or achieve normal limits, whichever is less. Glucose and LDL lab orders will be placed by the Wellness Center, and employees will need to turn in lab results to the Wellness Center.
  • Tobacco use – complete health coaching for tobacco cessation through Highmark by calling 1-888-258-3428.

To aid employees in achieving their goal/s, they are required to complete a Health Management Program.

If employees do not achieve their goal but complete a Health Management Program and a tobacco cessation program, if applicable, they will stay at the silver rate for their health insurance premiums. Those who do not complete a Health Management Program and do not improve a biometric value will move to the bronze rate. 

Questions? Call the Wellness Center’s main office at 304-293-2520.