Congratulations to the following individuals on their achievements!

Michael Shimko has been selected to be the student representative for the AAPS Newsmagazine Content Advisory Committee. 
Katherine Dunnick has received a NSF IGERT Fellowship. 
Dr. Phoebe Stapleton has won the prestigious “Women in Toxicology” Postdoctoral Fellow Achievement Award at the recent Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology held in San Antonio, TX.   Phoebe is a senior postdoctoral fellow working in the laboratory of Dr. Timothy Nurkiewicz.  This was an extremely competitive award and her project, “Does the Barker Hypothesis apply to maternal nanomaterial exposure and fetal microvascular function?”, won based on the soundness and significance of her hypothesis, the quality of the study design, as well as her growing status and credentials.
Shyla Stanley has won a Research Recognition Award from the American Physiological Society for her work to be presented at the upcoming Experimental Biology 2013 meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.   Shyla is a predoctoral fellow working in the Frisbee Laboratory.  This was an extremely competitive award, with well over 100 applicants and her abstract, “Depressive Symptoms, Inflammation and Microvascular Dysfunction: Presence of a Gender Disparity” won based on the significance of the hypothesis, the rigor of the described study, and the translational relevance of the results.