By Leigh Limerick

So Dec. 4 was National Cookie Day, and this observance incited both joy and panic in my aging, lard-crusted heart. It has taken about four and a half decades for me to gain the upper hand over my sweet tooth. Cakes, pies, cobblers… I’ve finally struck that balance of control and pleasure some folks never attain. Still, National Cookie Day is just plain dangerous, because in my world, EVERY day should be #CookieDay.

The WVU Medicine and WVU Health Sciences Holiday Celebration (known in some circles as Cookie Day) is a perennial favorite 'round these parts. I assumed my role as my Marketing Department’s Official Cookie Day Ambassador long ago: as soon as the date hits "Inside CONNECTion," it takes less than 45 seconds for the event to appear on every calendar in my reach. Cookie Day is clearly a big deal! I’m now coming to grips with the realization that I have a Cookie Day problem.

In 2015, I teared up as I watched many of you run the WVU Medicine 13er half marathon. I’ve seen our Wellness Program turn couch potatoes into 5K runners. I’ve got to make some changes, and Cookie Day is a great place to start.

Fortunately, our catering staff seeks not to kill me with swords carved from butter or powdered sugar bombs, which is why on Thursday, Dec. 17, I will join you, dear co-worker, in the Health Sciences cafeteria for a Cookie Day Holiday Celebration like none other! We ain’t talkin’ mere cookie overload, people: there will be balance! There will be fruit! There will be savory appetizers! And, yes, there will be cookies, music, punch and friends.

It’s simply going to be better than ever. I’m going to be better than ever. Be better with me on the 17th.