In an effort to gain time and cost efficiencies, effective January 9, 2017, transfers submitted on the Internal Transfer Form in Mountaineer Marketplace will no longer require PCPS approval.  This means that the requisition will be completed as soon as the last approval prior to PCPS has been completed.  These workflow steps (viewable under the PR Approvals tab on your requisition) may include one or more of the following:

“EBO Approval”—for all transfers submitted

“SRA Approval” – If a GRANT is involved

“Credit Approval” – If selected specific WVU department as vendor on the IT Form.

With that being said, we would like to ask those of you who approve these transactions to pay careful attention to ensure the transaction is accurate. We continue to see a substantial amount of transfers that reject once they hit MAP because something is wrong with the funding information.   When reviewing for your approval, please ensure the following:

  1. If you are paying another department, make sure that department is selected in the vendor name field (i.e. WVU SABO, WVU Facilities). This will ensure that the req routes to the correct place for credit information.
  2. There is at least one credit line entered on EACH IT FORM submitted.
  3. The charge and credit are within the same bank account (State vs RC).
  4. The credit line segments are accurate.  The information must match the MAP grants module exactly. We have seen many rejects where the award, project, and task do not all go with each other or where the expenditure type or expenditure org is non capitalized the way it is in MAP.
  5. The goods received date is within the dates of the award/task/project.

Please note: you can now enter/approve transfers with multiple credit and/or charge lines.  We would caution you on two things:

  • We would suggest not splitting the charge lines at the line level though, as this may cause issues.  Splitting at the requisition header level will work.
  • If you split at the requisition header level  and submit multiple credit forms, that split formula will be applied to each credit form/line though.

If you have any questions, please contact directly.