Information Technology (IT) reports that most systems in the hospital and at clinics are back up and running. However, some clinical applications are still not functioning. We are awaiting hard drives and vendor assistance to complete recovery of those systems. Most are expected to be fully  functional by the end of the day Friday, but some applications may continue to have issues through early next week.

Non-clinical desktop PC issues are being addressed, as well. IT will be pushing out new security software to desktops overnight.

IT has been receiving calls from employees who have encrypted files on their computers. The department is aware of the issues and is making the following recommendations:

·         As long as your PC is working, assume that is has been cleaned and the virus quarantined.

·         Don't call the Help Desk if your PC is working. IT is assessing the encrypted files on all PCs, working with a vendor to address the issues.

·         Keep in mind that just because you have encrypted files doesn't mean you currently have a virus.

·         Don't delete the encrypted files. While it has not been determined whether or not files can be recovered, it's in employees' best interest to maintain the files for now.

If your PC is NOT working, or you have other IT-related issues, please call the Help Desk at 304-598-4357.