IT malware event update 10 - Wednesday's forecast

Information Technology will continue to work around the clock to address the ongoing issues related to the malware event that occurred early Tuesday morning.

Clinical operations have been prioritized. All ambulatory units are expected to be up and running in time for Wednesday morning clinics. It's expected that a significant number of PCs in the hospital will be fully functional, as well.

Incident Command will remain operational through tomorrow, as long as issues persist.

If you're having IT-related issues, please call the Help Desk at 304-598-4357.

If you're experiencing major workflow issues, contact Incident Command at ext. 78220.

Continue to watch CONNECT for the latest updates.

IT malware event update 9 - pharmacy medication distribution

We are currently working on a fix for the AcuDose Automated Dispensing Machines (Pyxsis). 

At 3 p.m., the AcuDose machines will be taken offline to replace the server. This process will take 4-6 hours to complete. 

All directors have been notified and will be communicating specfic plans to staff.

IT malware event update 8 - computers affected being 'cleaned'

It's estimated that 3,600 WVU Medicine computers (wireless and wired)  have been affected by the malware or virus issue. These computers are currently being "cleaned" by Information Technology.

Computers affected are being prioritized, with the ones located in the clinical areas being addressed first.

Information Technology is hopeful that all issues will be addressed by the end of the day. The situtation will continue to be monitored. 

Continue to watch CONNECT for the latest updates.

IT malware event update 7

It appears that the malware or virus issue was not caused by an attempt to steal data. And there is no indication that patient information has been compromised, as Epic data has not been affected.

Not all computers are malfunctioning. IT staff members are going floor by floor assessing computers throughout the organization.

IT malware event update 6 - press statement

Earlier this morning, officials at Ruby Memorial Hospital became aware of issues with information technology systems throughout the institution, possibly caused by malware or a virus. Computers and other applications that are controlled by computers have been malfunctioning, affecting some clinical and security operations.

Patient safety and care have not been compromised.

Leadership and staff have been working since early this morning to address issues as they arise.

The hospital was on lockdown for about four hours, because security systems were not functioning. The lockdown was lifted at 8 a.m.

IT experts are repairing systems and working to return them to full functionality. Ruby Memorial and all outpatient centers in Morgantown are operating normally.

There is no indication at this time that patient privacy or records have been compromised. 

IT malware event update 5

Senior management and nursing leadership just met to review current issues related to the apparent malware virus that has affected several of our clinical systems. IT continues to work on the systems that have been disrupted and is making progress in restoring them to full functionality.

The issues we had with our security system have been fixed, and we expect to come out of lockdown very shortly.

If you're having IT-related issues, please call the Help Desk at 304-598-4357.

If you're experiencing major workflow issues, contact Incident Command at ext. 78220.

IT malware event update 4 - Citrix link

If the Citrix icon is missing from your desktop, use this link:


IT malware event update 3

Citrix is operational, although people accessing it from home may experience delays and slowness. We are troubleshooting problems with these IT-based systems:

Patient video monitoring
Lab automation
Pharmacy robot

WOWs should be operational unless the PC itself is infected.

We will continue to update you.

IT malware event update 2

Our Citrix servers are now all working. We believe we can handle full capacity through Epic and its core applications. You may experience some slowness with certiain peripherals due to data constrictions. Staff who work from home may also experience difficulties accessing and using applications.

IT malware event update

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with several of our clinical and security IT systems at Ruby Memorial and UHA. IT is working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, we have activated the Incident Command Center at the hospital and have placed the hospital on lockdown due to the impact on our security.

Members of senior management and nursing leadership have been on site since the incident first arose. We may divert non-critical patients to Mon General until the issue is resolved. We currently have no reason to cancel surgeries, and are not diverting trauma, stroke, PCI and other cases. We will continue to update you as we work to resolve this issue.