On the latest episode of Doctors On Call, WVU Healthcare's Laura Davisson, M.D., and Charles Hochberg, M.D., discussed women's health issues and took viewers' calls.

Hosted by WVU Healthcare physicians Carl “Rolly” Sullivan, M.D., and Mahreen Hashmi, M.D., the show featured live interviews with Vice President and Executive Dean of Health Sciences Clay Marsh, M.D., who talked about the many adverse effects of smoking, and WVU Healthcare dermatologist Zachary Zinn, M.D., talked about skin cancer. In addition, Aaron Mason, M.D., WVU Healthcare surgeon, discussed plastic and reconstructive surgery options.

The “It’s No Big Deal” segment illustrated the importance of having a mammogram. Viewers learn how to perform chair yoga during the “DOC Demo” and got ideas for healthy recipes during the “DOC in the Kitchen” segment. Watch the episode: