We in the West Virginia United Health System work as a team across the state to provide patients with excellent healthcare, support health professions education and raise the health status of our state.

Since the 1990s, our member hospitals have shared some common back-office functions such as purchasing and insurance contracting. It worked well and we were highly successful in meeting our initial goals.

But times have changed, and so too has our health system. We’ve been making changes behind the scenes: integrating more units, like IT and legal; adopting common clinical, financial and operational standards; and setting goals together for future service to our communities and our state.

It’s time to let our patients and communities in on what we are doing together for them. Starting in just a few days, you will begin to see a new statewide brand that will link all our locations together: WVU Medicine.

The WVU Medicine brand will be used in conjunction with the names of each of our hospitals and affiliated practices. This will tie all of our talented people and quality health services together in a meaningful way for patients and the public. WVU Medicine is a promise to everyone: no matter where you see that sign, you will find the very best in healthcare.

WVU President Gordon Gee unveiled the new brand at Potomac Valley Hospital in Keyser last week. The community responded positively and enthusiastically.

We will launch a five-week advertising campaign to introduce WVU Medicine brand this Saturday. You can preview our TV ads at the following link: https://youtu.be/FND8zg6Bd9E

Our remaining hospitals are planning separate events to debut the new brand at their respective sites, so your hospital CEO will be providing you more information in the near future on this new and exciting initiative. Thank you, and have a great Labor Day weekend.


/ Christopher Colenda, MD, MPH

President, CEO, WVU Medicine