The Charleston Gazette has created a teacher-friendly website for faculty seeking West Virginia resources for students focusing on public health issues related to chronic disease and/or obesity. It’s based on reporter Kate Long’s national, award-winning series on West Virginia’s health problems and promising solutions.
The series, “The Shape We’re In,” was developed with help from several active and retired WVU faculty members. Nancy O’Hara Tompkins, Ph.D., of the School of Public Health and West Virginia Prevention Research Center, served as a project adviser.
The series provides an easy, high-quality way to inject West Virginia real-life examples and information into classroom discussions and assignments related to chronic disease prevention and obesity. Illustrating important research and issues, the pieces mix “people stories” with research and policy and easy-to-download charts. They provide on-the-ground case studies for policy and practice discussion and deal with the political and economic ramifications. They are a great starting point for student research and community projects.
Each story also has its own email friendly PDF and URL. The story list includes short descriptions and links to the PDF versions.