Linda Vona-Davis, PhD Teaching Assistant Professor in the WVU Department of Surgery and member of the WVU Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Research Program, presented a poster at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research held in Chicago on April 14-18, 2018.  The title of the poster was “Aggressive Breast Cancer Cells Reduce CCL5 and Nodal Expression in Response to a Human Adipose Derived Stromal Cell Microenvironment”.  Contributing authors were students Daniel Berrebi, Abhishek Yadav, Eric Lundstrom, Nicole Werwie, Dominic Muttillo, and WVUCI faculty members Richard EB Seftor and Elisabeth Seftor.  Briefly, stem cells from human adipose tissue appear to inhibit the inflammatory protein CCL5 and the gene Nodal found primarily in aggressive breast tumor cells. The results of the study are important in that it may shed light on what happens to a breast cancer cell that has escaped from the primary cancer site and moved into the fatty tissue surrounding it.