WVU Medicine employees are encouraged to become familiar with LiveProcess, an automated emergency alert notification system.

Through LiveProcess, employees will be notified about emergency events, such as a weather-related emergency or a departmental staffing shortage.

How does it work?

Each new employee is automatically enrolled into the system through Human Resources and receives an email asking for contact information. Employees will receive similar emails about every six months as a way to update or verify their information.

Please be aware that these emails are from “Administrator, ACSM noreply@liveprocess.com” with “Request from WVU Hospitals to update your profile” in the subject line. These are not spam messages. Click here to see an example of this type of message.

It is important to keep notification information (phone, email, etc.) up-to-date through your Ultimate  account.

Employees may be asked to confirm receipt of messages or for specific information, such as the ability to come into work as the result of a patient surge. Please be sure to read the entire message and follow the instructions provided.

Also, employees will receive periodic test messages to ensure that systems are working properly.

For questions about LiveProcess, check with your department's management team. Leaders should make sure all new employees are familiar with LiveProcess.

To reach the LiveProcess emergency management team, call 304-598-4055.