We know you may have questions regarding the recent malware event. Here are some answers:

Are the hospital PCs still infected by the malware? Are we still at risk?
No. WVU Medicine IT has cleaned and removed the virus from all the infected PCs and installed additional multiple applications to help protect them from future attacks. Hospital PCs are not at risk.

We still see encrypted files on the hospital PCs -- are we still infected?
No. Encrypted files don’t mean that the PC is infected. We are working with our vendors to perform cleanup of all encrypted files. Please do not delete the encrypted files at this time.

Can we resume normal operations using the hospital PCs?
Yes, you can use your hospital PC for normal operations.

Does this malware affect my home PC?
This specific malware was only attacking the hospital PCs; your home PCs likely are not affected. We have involved authorities who report that multiple hospitals across the country were victims of this same malware. 

If you do see infected files on your home PC, it is possible that a separate incident occurred to your home PC. If you see encrypted files on your home PC, report this to the IT Help Desk for possible help with removal.

Did this malware compromise my personal/hospital data?
No. There has been no evidence of any data breaches to patients’ or employees’ private information.

I am having a problem with my home PC or my work PC. Who do I call?
Please call the IT Help Desk 304-598-4357 whenever you have security concerns.