Annual mandatory CBLs for all WVUH and UHA employees have been assigned in NetLearning, They must be completed by Sept. 1.

Employees can login by selecting NetLearning on the "Applications" page of CONNECT. For employees on the HSC network, select the link titled "NetLearning (Health Sciences)."

For more details or assistance with NetLearning, contact Jaime Wolfe or Becky Wright. Questions can also be emailed to

The Title IX eLearning module, which is mandatory for all WVUH employees, was assigned on April 1 and must be completed by April 30.

For more details or questions related to Title IX, contact Mark Frick, director, Human Resources, and WVUH Title IX coordinator, at

Title IX education is a requirement of any healthcare corporation having an education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. WVUH has federally-funded programs and is covered by Title IX.