The WVU Medicine talent acquisition team, a component of Human Resources, introduced a new interviewing process last week that could become a new standard.

To fill a need for clinical associates more quickly, Jennifer Golling, an HR recruiter, decided it would be better to invite 25 of the best applicants for a group meeting rather than interview each candidate individually. Nineteen candidates attended the session. It began in the lobby of J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital and included interviews with recruiters in Starbucks and the lobby, followed by short meetings with representatives from several clinical units and tours of units within the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute (HVI).

The result, said Golling, was more efficient than individual interviews but also more personal than a day-long open interview session in an office or remote location. The candidates appreciated the exposure to the units they’d be working on and meeting with clinical representatives who could give them a quick overview of their duties.

“We wanted to provide a personal touch, let the candidates come by and see what the hospital looks like, see the technology and meet people who work on the units,” Golling said. “When you see this hospital, the beautiful lobby, the technology we have, and the HVI tower – to me, that’s a huge selling point.”

Golling said WVU Medicine will hire at least 15 of the 19 candidates who attended the session and have already made several offers. She said she hopes to continue these type of group interviews on a regular basis, possibly once a month. It may expand to other job categories, depending on need.

Not only was the new method enjoyable for the candidates and the recruiters but also for the clinical representatives.

“Loved it,” said Sara Belch, a nurse manager in the HVI reference unit. “The candidates all seemed engaged and excited. I think it gives them a better idea of what they are getting into with their role and understanding the organization a little more. Definitely a wonderful way for recruitment.”

Makenzie Truman at WVU Medicine job interview
Makenzie Truman, a WVU nursing student, talks with Jim Juristy, RN, a nurse manager, and Traci Ashcraft, a clinical preceptor, during an interview session in the lobby of J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital recently.