Attention Physicians,

If you are requested to provide emergency services during a home football game at J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital and are not able to make your way to the hospital yourself, there are some options available. These services are for use if you are unable to arrive at the hospital in a timely manner.

Keep in mind that traffic patterns will change to one-way outgoing traffic from the stadium (hospital) generally during the end of the third quarter. This would be your most vulnerable time to gain access to the hospital in a personal vehicle.

WVU Medicine will be staging an ambulance for emergency use only at the University Town Centre (UTC) on the Granville side of town (toward I-79) and another ambulance at Cheat Lake Physicians near the Pierpont exit side (off I-68). This way there will be a parking lot for your vehicle while the ambulance transports you to the hospital via lights and sirens through football traffic.

The ambulance will transport the physician to the Emergency Department entrance and Security, at 304-598-4444, will provide transportation back to your vehicle once the physician has completed the requested services.

This map shows alternate routes to the hospital during an emergency or for someone on-call who needs to get to the hospital.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Security dispatch and request to speak to the lead officer.


Steve Tancin, VP of Operations