The Mindfulness Work Group at WVU Health Sciences is pleased to offer Mindful Morsels, a series of talks aimed at providing the community with opportunities to learn more about mindfulness and explore practical applications that can improve our sense of connection and compassion.

People who practice mindfulness meditation say it can transform our personal and work lives. They learn skills that can apply to studying, teaching, supporting and interacting with others. But what is mindfulness, and how can it do so much? Many common questions attendees ask: Is it normal? What is it? Will it do me any good? Be honest, is it as easy as you say? Mindfulness practice is about being more human and compassionate, not strange or exotic.

Mindful Morsel series will kick off at 3 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 14, in the HSC North room 2940B. Jon Reed, JD and Bill Reger-Nash, EdD will present “An Introduction to Mindfulness.”

This session is geared toward those hoping to learn how to bring more awareness and satisfaction into everyday living and those seeking to fine-tune an important wellness skill. As a result of the session, participants will understand what the term “mindfulness” means and how its meaning may change depending on the setting, the relationship between mindfulness and a basic meditation practice, and the connection between mindfulness, health and happiness.

To attend the session, please RSVP to Joanna DiStefano at