While export controls have been in place since the 1940s, the U.S. government has placed greater emphasis on compliance since 2001, and universities have been under increased scrutiny for the past several years. WVU is committed to finding the proper balance between complying with federal regulations and fostering a free and open environment necessary for continuing WVU’s legacy of innovation and research.

To help the campus community understand laws regulations, the WVU Export Control Office has launched a new website, http://exportcontrol.wvu.edu.

"It is likely that WVU faculty, staff and students will encounter scenarios in which their research or studies are subject to federal export control laws – that is, federal mandates that regulate a broad range of activities including access, distribution or participation in the transfer of information, products or technology in the interest of national security and economic and foreign policy," said WVU Vice President of Research Fred King, Ph.D. "While institutions of higher learning generally do not manufacture goods or provide services intended to be widely exported, institutions like WVU regularly work with technical data, advanced instrumentation and equipment, software and other items that may be subject to export control restrictions.

"WVU is fully committed to complying with all laws and regulations that pertain to the conduct and dissemination of our teaching, research, and service. Failure to do can come with real and severe repercussions for individuals and the institution," Dr. King added. "Therefore, all WVU personnel are required to fully comply with export control laws and regulations. Adherence to the practices and procedures outlined in the Compliance Manual is an integral part of the compliance process."

The ECO is available to help ensure that all University activities are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

"It is important to note that these regulations are not intended to be an obstacle to the important work of our institution, but are meant to help protect our country's interests as well as protect the campus community as we carry out our University's mission," King said.

View a letter from King. Questions about export control regulations? Contact the Export Control Office at (304) 293-3084 or exportcontrol@mail.wvu.edu.