Starting this month, Spiritual Care and Education's No One Dies Alone program is ending and being replaced with a Companions program. The new program will offer companionship for patients when family and friends are unable to be present.

The program is targeted to patients who are dying, as well as patients who need companionship for various other reasons, including anxiety in coping with healthcare treatment.

The new Companions program, led by Jani Coster, will be offered by the Volunteer Services Department. Through this program, volunteers can be scheduled to be with a patient for companionship purposes (typically two-hour shifts, two or three times a week). Volunteers will have basic training in interacting with patients who may have dementia or anxiety. 

These volunteers will not be trained to help with physical care and should not be used for sitting with patients who qualify for a hospital sitter. The program is not intended to provide 24-hour companionship and is based on volunteer availability.

Criteria for a patient to be considered for the Companions program include:

  • Patient's family and friends are unable to be present for lengthy periods of time during hospitalization
  • Patient is behaviorally stable
  • Patient must not be in contact 2, droplet, or airborne isolation

To make a referral, contact Volunteer Services at 74134. Staff will assess the appropriateness of the referral and work to provide volunteers based on volunteer availability. 

If you are interested in volunteering with the program, contact Volunteer Services or visit the website.

Questions about the program should be referred to Jani Coster.