As WVU Medicine-WVU Hospitals increases its efforts to recruit and retain nurses during this period of unprecedented growth, Nursing Administration has entered into a partnership with Passport USA to provide international nursing candidates to be considered by nursing leaders to fill staffing vacancies.

“Due to the national nursing shortage affecting hospitals across the country, this is becoming a common practice among hospitals both large and small,” Doug Mitchell, WVU Hospitals vice president and chief nursing officer, said. “All of the nurses that Passport USA recommends for consideration are experienced and have Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees. Most of the candidates are from the Philippines.”

WVU Hospitals is expecting to receive its first group of 10 international program nurses on or about Monday, Aug. 15. The first group of nurses will work primarily on the Medical/Surgical units of Ruby Memorial Hospital.  

“The International Nurses Program is one piece of an overall strategy to ensure WVU Medicine-WVU Hospitals is fully staffed with the best and brightest nurses,” Mitchell said. “Consistently being at full staffing is the objective as we move forward.”