WVU Medicine Information Technology has evidence of a recent email sent to a WVU Medicine employee in which a cybercriminal was masquerading as Amazon.com. The email contained an attached document. When the document was opened, malware encrypted the workstation and the files of the employee.  

Cyber security tip review:

  • Think before you click. Make sure that the link that you are about to click or document you are about to open is from a trusted source.
  • If you have not ordered any product or service from a vendor, such as, Amazon.com, FedEx or UPS, do not click on any links that appear to be from these vendors and do not open any attached documents. Delete the email.
  • Cybercriminals will pretend to be anyone they believe will get your attention or that may have your trust. They may pose as IT, a vendor, HR or a colleague.
  • Avoid using your work email address for personal business per Policy VIII.230.

If an email seems suspicious, contact the Information Technology Help Desk: 304-598-HELP.