Renovation of the Physician Office Center (POC) will begin in January 2016, according to Planning, Design and Construction officials.

The $6 million project involves all four floors of the POC and will span three years, but the main focus will be on the exam rooms and waiting areas in the specialty clinics on the second, third and fourth floors.

To maximize efficiency, major renovations will begin on the fourth floor and progress downward to the third and second floors. Phase 1, the fourth floor, will begin Jan. 1, 2016, with Phase 2, the second half of the fourth floor, scheduled to start in July 2016.

The new open space design on the fourth floor will feature one central check-in desk, a kiosk for self check-in and 73 exam rooms. The previous space had four separate check-in desks and 50 exam rooms.

Phase 3, the third floor, is scheduled to begin in January 2017, with Phase 4, the second half of the third floor, scheduled to begin in July 2017. Phase 5, the second floor, is scheduled to begin in January 2018, with Phase 6 scheduled to begin in July 2018.

Renovations on the first floor will primarily be focused on the public spaces and will be completed incrementally over the three-year period. Work planned for the first floor includes replacing the flooring and furniture in the ENT waiting area, replacing the flooring in the corridor immediately outside ENT, and replacing the furniture in the lobby of the POC.

Work is also scheduled for the elevator cabs on the first through fourth floors and the areas surrounding the elevators.