The upgrade to Epic 2015, the latest Epic version, is scheduled for Saturday, Dec.10. Be prepared for a few changes leading up to the upgrade:

Nov. 28-Dec. 8

In preparation for the upgrade, two new Epic icons should have appeared on your device and through Citrix. Please click on the Epic 2015 Production icon to verify that it is working.

Note: The current icon has “PRD” written on it, while the new Epic 2015 icon has only the Epic logo. Also note that until the upgrade on Dec. 10, both the Epic 2015 and Epic 2015 playground icons will point the Epic 2015 Playground environment by design.

If the icon is working, you will see this screen:

The Epic 2015 Playground is ready for you to use immediately. The Epic 2015 Production icon will not be live until Dec. 10 when the upgrade is complete.

If you do not see the new icons, or if you do not see the correct screen when you click the Epic 2015 Production icon, please call the help desk (74357) and have the device ID tag (H-tag) ready.

Instructions for Citrix Users

Dec. 5-10

The Epic system will be in lockdown mode Dec. 5-10. The following workflow limitations and customization options will be temporarily unavailable: 

  • Chart Review filters and workqueue filters cannot be built during the lockdown. 
  • SmartLinks and SmartPhrases cannot be created or edited. SmartPhrases built during this time will be lost.
  • Dashboards cannot be personalized. 
  • NoteWriter macros cannot be created or edited. Additionally, the Owners/Users tab in the SmartBlock Macro Editor will be read-only during the lockdown, so owners or users cannot be added.
  • QuickActions in In Basket cannot be created or edited. Attempts will generate an error message indicating that the QuickAction is locked. Note: There are two different error messages that can appear.

Attempting to use these functions during the lockdown will generate an error message. Simply close the error message and continue working in the system. Your changes will not be saved. Any necessary changes can be made after the upgrade is complete. 

Dec. 10

Epic will be down from 1-3 p.m. on Dec.10 for the upgrade. Epic will be available in System Read Only mode beginning at 1:10 p.m. Note: Clarity reports on Radar will be available approximately 12 hours after the downtime is complete.