By Danielle Conaway

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you need to know about Quantum Bean Coffee at the WVU Medicine Farmers Market. Their tasty iced coffee drinks once sold out in one hour this season.

The 16-ounce, cold brew coffee is a fresh roasted, flavorful blend of international coffees from Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Rwanda, mixed with your choice of milk: almond, dairy or soy. For $3, you can’t beat it, and you’ll be fueled up for any Wednesday afternoon work duties after the market.

Quantum Bean Coffee owner Samuel Bonasso will adjust the milk or coffee level if you want a lighter taste. I go heavy on the almond milk in my cold brew for a little less caffeine since I’m a bit sensitive to it. After discovering Quantum Bean Coffee at the farmers market, I’ve had to adjust my rule of no coffee after 11 a.m. It’s easily among the best iced coffee drinks I’ve had in this area.

Half- and one-pound bags of fresh roasted Quantum Bean Coffee, ranging from $10-17, are also available at the WVU Medicine Farmer’s Market and on the Quantum Bean Coffee website. Tools for home brewing are offered, too, like the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker, which I may seriously consider purchasing, so I can keep enjoying Quantum Bean Coffee cold brew after the farmer’s market season ends.