WVU Medicine has approved the option of adding “same sex” to the definition of “spouse” for the benefit plans offered to members of Local 814. 

The change to add this coverage will be effective Jan. 1, 2016. WVU Medicine extended these benefits for non-union employees earlier.

A special open enrollment period for members of Local 814 begins Nov. 30 and ends Dec. 11.

Members of Local 814 who would like to add their spouse can do so by contacting a member of the WVU Medicine Benefits Team:

April Deberry    ext. 73081

Roberta Ryan    ext. 77337

Kelsey Wilson   ext. 73794

Ralph Lambert  ext. 75448

Supporting documents, such as a marriage certificate and most recent federal tax return (if you have been married for more than 12 months), will be required to complete the enrollment. The supporting documentation can be uploaded directly to the document section in Ultimate.