A message to the WVU Medicine-WVU Hospitals family

Last week, we announced a major expansion project and capital campaign for WVU Medicine Children’s.

Just when you think things have settled in around here, we’re not only looking at new ways to serve patients but acting on them.

Soon, we’ll begin construction on a 10-story, $152 million tower dedicated to WVU Medicine Children’s to address capacity issues and better serve the healthcare needs of all of West Virginia’s women and children.

I begin my Thanksgiving holiday message with this bit of news because none of this – the unprecedented growth in our organization, our presence as the state’s top healthcare resource, and our continued emergence as a national healthcare leader – could happen without you.

Our growth can be directly tied into the skill and dedication each and every one of you brings to this institution every single day. All jobs here are important, and must be executed with precision and efficiency and within the framework of service to our constituents – our patients and their families.

This latest expansion is yet another great opportunity for all of us and reflective of what it means to be part of a leading academic medical center and a top flight land grant institution like WVU. Thanksgiving is a good time to think about how blessed and thankful we are to be part of an organization that changes lives every day.

And think about your own role. It’s not everybody who can do this sort of work and live up to its challenges. But you are here every day, making a difference individually and as part of your department or unit, our hospital, and our university.

WVU Medicine is a world-class healthcare institution only because of the world-class people who work here and represent it with class and dedication.

My sincere thanks for all you do for this organization.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!