According to an article in the Sept. 1 Beckley Register Herald, the West Virginia University football team will soon pay homage to a huge lump of coal -- from the Upper Big Branch Mine -- when they enter the playing field. How WRONG this is!

Touching a lump of dead fossils -- coal -- that has come from a mine where many people recently died equals honoring an industry that is -- by the account of many experts (including WVU scientists) -- causing the death and sickness of many of our citizens on a daily basis. Thus, I would challenge the Marshall Thundering Herd to enter the field a bit differently. I suggest that they post a large windmill at their entrance point to the field. This is a sign of a healthy future for our state.

Windmills do NOT pollute and bury vast tracks of water; they do not cause massive dust emissions; they do not bury people alive, in deep, dark underground graves.

So, Thundering Herd -- make me proud... hug a windmill as you go on the field!

Robin Blakeman, Barboursville