WVU Medicine services offered on the seventh floor of Ruby Memorial will swap physical locations to optimize the use of available space, effective Jan. 3, 2016.

Orthopaedics and medical surgical services, currently on 7 West, will switch space with Medicine Hospitalist services and Hospice services, which are currently on 7 Northeast.

The idea, says Chris Daniels, director for 7 East, 7 West, 7 Northeast and 9 East, is to better accommodate patients. 7 Northeast will provide a more appropriate space, specialized nursing care on the unit and includes a Physical Therapy satellite gym for  the orthopaedic patient population.

"We are building a hospital within a hospital concept for excellence in orthopaedic care, and this is the first step,” Daniels said. "Also, we have a large hospitalist service and this move will assist with the accommodation of more medicine patients in one location."

Also, managers and clinical preceptors are switching units but the main unit phone numbers will not change, The 7 West main number will remain 74071 and 7 Northeast will remain 74704.

“We have been working on this process throughout the year and are finally ready to make the transition,” Daniels said. “We would like to thank the many departments and staff that have planned, coordinated and worked with the leadership teams and physician groups to make this a successful move and transition for all involved.”