HSC ITS will soon be pulling available user photos for profile photos in SOLE, HSC Directory and subsequent feeds from the Mountaineer Card system. If you have previously agreed to display your photo through the annual HSC ITS Security Awareness Training and do not currently have an available photo, it will now be available from this system.  When no photo is available in the Mountaineer Card system repository, the standard placeholder image will remain.

Mountaineer Card photos for students will be pulled into SOLE only and will be available within the Roster tool for courses in which they are enrolled. While HSC  ITS will still be able to upload student photos provided by departments/schools, having the students sit for additional photoshoots will no longer be a necessity.

If you would like to submit a photo to display, please use the following guidelines:

  • No objects in the background of headshot photo
  • High resolution and at least 200 x 250 pixels
  • Use your email address as the file name and save as a JPEG format
    • File name example: testuser@hsc.wvu.edu
  • Please send the request and attach the photo to solesupport@hsc.wvu.edu 

You may also contact University Relations for a quote on a professional headshot.


If you do not want your photo to display, please contact SOLE Support for assistance in changing your photo agreement status.


Submit a Ticket

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