WVU Medicine has saved more than $70,000 so far this year by re-purchasing recycled instruments from ReNu Medical, a sustainable medical device reprocessing company, according to Tara McGregor, coordinator, Value Analysis.

Staff members, primarily nurses, have been recycling medical products, such as blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters, by placing them in ReNu bags found in soiled utility rooms on each unit. The used products are then sent to ReNu and are disinfected. Once sterilized, WVU Medicine is able to buy the products back at a reduced rate.

To continue to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling these items, a representative from ReNu will visit WVU Medicine on Tuesday, June 7, for brief educational sessions being held throughout Ruby Memorial Hospital; sessions will be held for day- and night-shift employees. The representative will visit WVU Medicine outpatient clinics on Wednesday, June 8.

“The sessions can be used as a refresher for a lot of staff or for new staff,” McGregor said.

Please contact McGregor with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.