By April Henry

During the work day, I know when it's 2 p.m. without even looking at the clock. My tummy tells me it's snack time!

While the occasional sweet treat is nice, I will end up feeling worse if I eat too much chocolate or too many cookies. I admit – I know this from experience, unfortunately. So I appreciate quick, healthy snacks.

Lucky for me – and all of you snackers out there – WVU Medicine Catering and Vending is improving its selection of healthy options, even in the vending machines! There are now fewer high fat, high calorie offerings that have been replaced with delicious things like hummus! Yum! You can also purchase organic Greek yogurt, pretzel chips, nuts and trail mix.

The next time you feel the "rumbly in your tumbly" – and you happen to be snackless – hit up the vending machines outside the HSC and Ruby cafeterias. To get the refrigerated goodies, like hummus and yogurt, you'll have to check out the Ruby vending area.