Jean Brand Teter of the Medical Laboratory Science Program

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of West Virginia University's Medical Laboratory Science Program, this month's spotlight features Jean Brand Teter, the program's first graduate.

"Twelve started in our program, and three of us finished. I am the first graduate because my name started with a 'B.'"

Screencap of Alumni Association video

The WVU Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science is a four-year program, which consists of lectures, laboratories and clinical experience. 

In the midst of pursuing her degree at WVU, Teter took a short break from her studies in 1942 and applied for a job at a World War II war plant in Morgantown. 

"I received a job in their P9 area and was told that what we were doing there might decide whether we win or lose the war that was going on in 1942."

After returning to WVU and receiving her degree, Teter continued to work in a variety of laboratories in Morgantown until her retirement in 1988.

"I was able to work in so many different areas of my field and enjoyed every one of them."

Jean Brand Teter is a proud graduate of WVU's Medical Lab Science Program. "I think it's a terrific program. I'm extremely proud of it."