WVU Healthcare has selected “Breast Milk and Formula Administration” as its 2015 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), a requirement of the Joint Commission.

At least once every 18 months, WVU Healthcare chooses one high-risk process and conducts a proactive risk assessment to satisfy the Joint Commission requirement.

A Performance Improvement (PI) Committee composed of physician leaders, residents and administrators chooses the topic. FMEAs in the past have been focused on falls, safe use of Warfarin, accuracy of height and weight, and cardiac alarm management.

“Breast Milk and Formula Administration” was selected by the PI Committee because of some past breakdowns of this process and the seriousness of the consequences if breast milk is given to the wrong patient.

A team will evaluate the current process using FMEA protocols. Members include WVU Children's Hospital Director Cheryl Jones, Clinical Nutrition Manager/Dietetic Internship Director Jill Johnston and organizational consultant Cody Hall.

After an assessment, the team corrects weaknesses in the process and reports the findings to the PI Committee, which documents the report to comply with the Joint Commission.

When the Join Commission conducts its site visit sometime between now and August, they may ask WVU Healthcare employees if they know where to find or what they know about the current FMEA.