After a visit to the WVU Medicine campus Sept. 30, the Joint Commission cleared the organization of all Condition deficiencies that were noted in its August survey.

"Clearing of the Condition deficiencies was based on a preliminary exit report by the on-site survey team," said Aaron Kocsis, R.N., regulatory coordinator with WVU Medicine’ s Center for Quality Outcomes. "For confirmation, the hospital is waiting on the final report from the central office."

Organizations typically have 45-60 days to implement corrective action, but the nature of some of the issues were linked to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) standards and needed to be corrected within 30 days, Kocsis explained. Those specific standards are outlined on pages six and seven of the report and are designated by the description “Condition.”

Kocsis said the survey team, which consisted of two surveyors, one clinical and one Life Safety Code Specialist, found one new issue during its visit. The new finding was related to blocking access to medical gas shut-off valves by carts or equipment.

Another check on the progress of all other issues will likely occur in January 2016, Kocsis said.

Accreditation will depend on compliance with the Joint Commission’s final recommendations.