The results of the 2016 Employee Engagement Survey are in, and WVU Medicine is taking steps to address the ideas and needs of employees.

The following is the organizational plan for interpreting and acting on employee feedback:

• Survey results for the organization were released to leaders in October 2016. Overall results were consistent with prior years and across the healthcare industry. Senior leadership will continue to address survey results to focus on building an engaged workforce. Click here to view a summary of the 2016 organization-wide results.

• The date for the next Employee Engagement Survey has been extended until March 2018, to allow for more time to work on changes across the organization. WVU Medicine values employee feedback and will ensure that comments can be provided in the next survey. 

• Currently, the focus is on equipping leaders to collaborate with their staff to initiate positive changes and follow through. To support this work, the Center for Education and Organizational Development (CEOD) and Human Resources are providing Engagement Leadership Training workshops for leaders whose employees participated in the 2016 Employee Engagement Survey. Workshop sessions are scheduled in March through April. 

As WVU Medicine looks ahead at the challenges it faces as an organization, it will continue to seek and respond to employee feedback.