Jennifer Oliva, associate professor of law and public health at West Virginia University, has been selected a Bellow Scholar by the Association of American Law Schools.

She is the first WVU professor to be named a Bellow Scholar. The program recognizes and supports the research projects of clinical law teachers seeking to improve the quality of justice in communities, to enhance the delivery of legal services, and to promote economic and social justice.

Oliva is the director of the Veterans Advocacy Law Clinic at the WVU College of Law. She is conducting interdisciplinary research to help veterans released from prison return to society and lead productive lives.

For the next two years, OIiva will receive critical feedback and support for her research from former Bellow Scholars. In turn, she will present her work at AALS conferences and workshops throughout the country.

The Bellow Scholars program is named for the late Gary Bellow, a Harvard law professor who pioneered modern clinical legal education.


CONTACT: James Jolly, College of Law; 304.293.7439