The 2017 commencement weekend was a whirlwind of activity! More than 4,500 students earned their diploma and the rights and honors associated with that. 

The university chose a School of Medicine Medical Laboratory Science program student as one of three  highlighted during the week preceding commencement celebrations:  

"For Chelsea Bragg, cancer could not hinder her journey. 

At age 23, and just one year into the histotechnology program, Bragg was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer. She underwent a complete thyroidectomy, including the removal of several lymph nodes, and radiation treatment during a semester.

She did not miss a single class or lab. 

"I was so close to finally receiving my degree, and I wasn't going to let a diagnosis take that away from me," said Bragg, who earned her bachelor's degree in medical laboratory science with an emphasis in histotechnology. "As I crossed the stage, I thought about everything I overcame to achieve this degree."

And what a day to do it. The Newell native walked in the School of Medicine Professionals ceremony on Sunday, Mother's Day. Bragg's mother also is a cancer survivor, having raised her and two siblings while working a full-time job. 

"My mom helped me get through every exhausting moment," Bragg said. "I've thanked her so many times for listening to me complain about how tired and exhausted I was. I knew that once the treatment was over I would finally start to feel better and that's another thing that always kept me going."

Now 24, Bragg is preparing for her next move – a job as a histotechnologist at WVU Medicine's J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital. There she will assist in the process of detecting diseases and infections in patient tissue specimens."

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