MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Sixty-four bright white coats were handed out to dental andDDS-Class-2015-Clinic-Induction.jpg dental hygiene students during the West Virginia University School of Dentistry’s 14th Annual Clinic Induction Ceremony, which marks the students’ transition from the preclinical to the clinical stages of their careers.

The Clinic Induction Ceremony is designed to help students reaffirm their professional commitment. It symbolizes the students’ unequivocal commitment to excellence in patient care.

More than 350 students, faculty, family and friends attended the event, which was held Saturday, Sept. 7 in the WVU Health Sciences Center’s Okey Patteson Auditorium. To-date, it is the largest crowd to ever attend the Clinic Induction Ceremony.

The 16 dental hygiene studDH-2015-Class-Clinic-Induction.jpgents were led on stage to receive their white coats by Alcinda Shockey, assistant professor in the WVU Division of Dental Hygiene. Suann Gaydos, assistant professor and senior clinic coordinator, and Lisa Lisauckis, clinical assistant professor, presented the coats to each student.

The 48 dental students received their white coats from their team leaders: Steve Lovell, D.D.S., associate clinical professor;  Moe Ghalichebaf, D.D.S., professor; and Mike Meador, D.D.S., assistant professor, all from the WVU Department of Restorative Dentistry; and Susan Morgan, D.D.S., clinical assistant professor in the WVU Department of Periodontics. The team leaders are the faculty members at the School that help the students manage their family of patients up until they graduate in May 2015.

After the ceremony, all were invited to a reception, which was sponsored by the WVU School of Dentistry Alumni Association.

(Top photo) – The WVU School of Dentistry dental Class of 2015.
(Bottom photo) – The WVU School of Dentistry dental hygiene Class of 2015.
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