WVU senior nursing student Makailea Hidalgo wants to help elementary students understand hygiene is important to overall health, and to do that, she is creating hygiene kits for fifth graders at a local elementary school

Makailea, who is from Wilmington, DE, saw the need for the kits during her community placement course. “I decided to make these hygiene kits because the area I work in has many students living in poverty with a huge knowledge deficit in relation to hygiene,” said Makailea. 

She is planning to create 80 hygiene kits to cover the whole 5th grade and any additional supplies will be donated to the elementary school. Kits will include travel size shampoo, bar soap, toothbrushes, travel toothpaste, and travel deodorant for each child.

The WVU School of Nursing student organization POUND donated 80 toothbrushes to the project. Makailea welcomes donations to her project. To donate, Makailea can be reached at mjhidalgo@mix.wvu.edu