Health Care Authority rejects Mon General challenge

The Office of Judges has upheld the West Virginia Health Care Authority's decision reaffirming that University Health Associates (UHA) is a private office practice of physicians, and rejected Mon General's various appeals and challenges to UHA's plans to move WVU Urgent Care two miles away from its current location.

From UHA Chief Medical Officer Judie Charlton, M.D.:

"UHA has a long history of working in clinics throughout the state to address the needs of West Virginians. We look forward to continuing our efforts in a nimble fashion. Within the last few weeks, UHA physicians have been asked to help with unmet healthcare needs in Tucker, Marshall, and Marion counties.  We are glad that we can continue to serve the state without being unduly hindered by a CON process that was not created to monitor these types of endeavors.

In light of today's decision, we hope that Mon General will drop its pending lawsuit against UHA.  It's time to stop the rancor, stop the legal maneuvers that have been costing us both money and time, and just take care of patients.

WVU Urgent Care will be open for patients in its new Suncrest Towne Centre location in mid-June."
For more information: Amy Johns, Director of Public Affairs, 304-293-1412
alj: 04-19-13