WVU Medicine’s Bravo! Program provides a way to recognize employees for their exceptional contributions to patients, peers, departments, and to the organization as a whole.

Bravo!’s mission is to promote and acknowledge behaviors that surpass expectations during those instances that make any experience go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Bravo! is calling on employees to help the organization continue to create an environment of shared commitment and success – one that showcases employees as role models and expresses just how each individual can make a difference.

If you are interested, the Bravo! Program is recruiting volunteer TAG (Thanks, Appreciation, and Gratitude) team members.

The team is made up of WVU Medicine employees. Team members are responsible for helping with the development, coordination, and promotion of the Bravo! brand and its events. The program is looking for excited, innovative, and creative individuals.

The responsibilities include (when volunteers are available):

  • set up, tear down, and attendance for the duration of events (only when help is needed)
  • aiding the program manager in deliveries and one-on-one recognition encounters
  • helping with planning, designing, and organizing events
  • assisting with communication, marketing, and promotional strategies of the Bravo! brand, activities, and events
  • serving as a point of contact for the Bravo! Program

Things to keep in mind before applying:

  • TAG team members are 100 percent volunteers.
  • There are a few events throughout the year that require members to stay after hours and come in before regular shift time.
  • Events and activities, often times, occur during work hours and there are certain events that require all-day attendance.
  • The Bravo! program will work with your schedule and does not require attendance for every event; however, it is strongly encouraged if you are available.
  • In order to become a TAG team member, you cannot currently be under any disciplinary action.
  • Finally, if you are selected in the application process, your direct supervisor will have to give written permission for you to participate.

To apply, please click the link. The application takes around 10-15 minutes to complete.