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The Behavioral and Biomedical Sciences Training Scholarship is available to graduate students in the biomedical sciences, pharmacy, psychology, and public health. The goal of the BBS Training Scholarship is to support research and academic pursuits that bridge these areas. Individuals who take advantage of the collaborations available through the monthly Meetings of Behavioral and Biomedical researchers will be more strongly considered for funding via this mechanism. Students currently funded by the BBS training grant are not eligible to apply.

BBS Scholarship funds recently awarded:

Mayank Ajmera - Funds cover the Reseach Meeting of Academy Health registration fees

Elvonna Atkins - Funds cover meeting registration fees and 3 textbooks related to SAS

Bambi Bevill - Funds cover the cost of books for Community Health Education Specialist course and certification registration; registration for National Wellness Institute Conference

Sandipan Bhattacharjee - Funds cover the Reseach Meeting of Academy Health registration fees

Rituparna Bhattacharya - Funds cover the cost of a portable storage hard disk; meeting registration for Academy health Conference (not for laptop)

Amanda McBean - Funds cover APSS Meeting registration fees

Kelsey Meekins - Funds cover APSS Meeting registration fees

Sylwia Mrowka - Funds will cover portion of requested for recording electrodes

Bahar. Noorbish - Funds cover Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting registration fees

Rose Pignataro - Funds cover regirstation fees for SRNT and American Physical Therapy Association meetings

David Tosto - Funds cover registration fees for Association for Beahviora Analysis International and Society for Neuroscience meetings

Paula Webster - Funds cover Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting registration fees

Students may apply for funding to support the following: thesis or dissertation research, additional research projects, registration for annual meetings, technology to support research, and journal subscriptions. Additionally, students may request the use funds for reasons not listed above if they feel that their proposal is relevant to interdisciplinary research in behavioral and biomedical sciences. Funds may not be used for actual travel expenses (e.g., plane fare, mileage).

In order to save the pdf with your information, you will need to save a BLANK copy of the file to your desktop, and reopen the application (from your desktop) with Adobe 9.0 or later (Adobe Acrobat is the best option).

Please send questions and completed application, along with the required essay and your curriculum vita to BBS@mail.wvu.edu.

BBS Training Scholarship Funding Committee:

Faculty Advisors

Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, Ph.D.
Miranda Reed, Ph.D.

Student Committee

Cameron Randall
Ryan Turner
Sylwia Mrowka

The BBS Training Program is supported by NIGMS grant T32 GM081741.