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In addition to the PhD in Biomedical Sciences curriculum, two new components will be added to the Cell Biology Training Program.

Current Topics in Cell Biology (BIOC 791A) - This is a 3-credit advanced class. The course is uniquely structured to allow advanced students to independently study a focused area of cell biology of their choice, while working one-on-one with a faculty member. Students will analyze the primary literature and draft an original review on the topic. The faculty member will guide the student's literature search and provide editorial comments during development of the review.

Bioinformatics course – this course is organized as an intense, hands on workshop held over the course of 2 weeks. Students will learn bioinformatics principles and perform practical exercises to practice analysis. The course will include training in data analysis and visualization, genome annotation, sequence alignment, analysis of gene expression and identification of differentially expressed genes, Gene Ontology analysis, promoter analysis and identification of transcription factor binding sites. Specific skills learned will include using Unix/Linux shells, applied statistics using R, NextGen sequencing analysis, qPCR analysis, programming basics, data storage and retrieval, and sequence manipulation and analysis. The long term plan is to utilize this course as the core introduction to bioinformatics and to develop additional modules to provide a similar practical experience in specialized topics of interest. The course will be required for supported trainees, and an optional part of the curriculum for all other graduate students.