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Student Sabbatical

The Cell Biology Training Program (CBTP) at West Virginia University (WVU) is now accepting applications for the 2018 Graduate Student Sabbatical Award. This award provides funds to directly support an extended off-campus research internship with a previously identified faculty mentor. The award is also designed to enhance doctoral training in cell biology by providing exposure to techniques, resources, and/or training environments that are otherwise unavailable at WVU.

 Award details:

The successful applicant will receive a one-time award of up to $4000 to help defray the costs associated with the student sabbatical. Funds can be used to cover travel, lodging, meals, and/or research supplies needed to complete the project.

 Eligibility requirements:

  • Advanced graduate student (year 2+) in the WVU biomedical sciences PhD program
  • Regular member of the WVU CBTP
  • Training must be completed by June 30, 2018

 Application details:

  • Proposal – Prepare a 2-3 page single spaced (Times or Helvetica 12, 1” margins) proposal that succinctly describes the training goals and objectives of the student sabbatical (new techniques to be learned, etc.) and how this experiential learning activity will augment your doctoral training in cell biology. Proposals MUST clearly articulate how the sabbatical will fill a critical gap in training that otherwise could not be accomplished at WVU.
  • Budget – Prepare a detailed budget of anticipated costs for the project, including travel, lodging, and living expenses that will be incurred.
  • Letter of support – Include a brief letter of support from a qualified off-site mentor that affirms their willingness to host the applicant and provide training in the proposed experimental technique of interest.
  • Recommendation letter – Include a letter of support from your PhD mentor at WVU that describes your potential to succeed in the proposed project and how the sabbatical would be beneficial in rounding out your career goals.

 Applications are due Friday December 15 at 4 PM.

Please send electronically to gmmazzetti@hsc.wvu.edu OR deliver to HSCN 3123 by the deadline. The winner will be announced in the first week of the Spring 2018 semester.

 Completing the sabbatical

Upon completion of the sabbatical, the student will be required to submit a 6 page, single spaced (Times or Helvetica 12, 1” margins) report to both the mentors (i.e., at WVU and the visited institution) as well as to the CBTP Executive Committee. The student will also make a formal presentation to the CBTP program highlighting the importance of the techniques learned and how it was applied during the sabbatical.