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Evening of Science

The Evening of Science is a series of informal gatherings to discuss science in a way that crosses traditional program boundaries by focusing on teams versus individual efforts.

By having discussions revolving around team science, and inviting researchers from all across our campus, we attempt to erase the physical barriers to collaboration that normally exist.  If researchers only practice their “craft” within their own departments day to day, it may be difficult for them to pursue other lines of thinking that may benefit their projects.  When they attend an Evening of Science event, there is a very real possibility that they will hear something in a presentation that not only sparks interest, but presents a way to solve a problem within their own research-perhaps something they never would have thought of otherwise.  It seems to be working!  We believe the organic way in which researchers are permitted to discuss science at the events is crucial to making collaborations possible.  

For example, Dr. Jim Simpkins’ group met with Dr. Joseph McFadden and discovered the Metabolomics Core.  This is helping their effort on myelin development.  Additionally through the Evening of Science event, Dr. Steven Frisch was introduced to the Mitochondrial Functional Assessment Core, and now has a publication using this service.  Dr. Elizabeth Engler-Chiurazzi’s presentation of the Rodent Behavior Core resulted in new projects within the laboratories of Dr. Gordon Meares, Dr. Mark Olfert and others.  These are just a few of the collaborations the Evening of Science has produced.  Join us for one of our next events!