Graduate Faculty Membership

WVU policy requires that faculty be members of the graduate faculty to be an advisor for a graduate student and/or serve on graduate student committees.

Faculty must apply to have graduate faculty membership. Individual Colleges determine the mechanism and requirements for membership. The following are the requirements for faculty in the 5 Schools at the Health Sciences Center. Graduate faculty membership can be at the regular or associate level.

Regular membership: Faculty member can chair a student thesis or dissertation committee and can the advisor for a student. Can serve other functions related to graduate education such as committee work and directing a program.

Associate membership: Faculty member can serve on a student thesis or dissertation committee but can not chair the committee. Associate members can co-chair committees.

Application for Graduate Faculty Membership


  1. Download and complete the application.

  2. Submit the completed application electronically to the Office of Research and Graduate Education.

  3. New applications can be received at any time. Status expires every 3 years on December 31. You will be alerted in October that it is time to renew your status. The renewal application should be received by December 1 of the year in which membership will expire. 

Policy for Appointment to the Graduate Faculty at the WVU Health Sciences Center

Regular Membership must satisfy all 4 qualifications (see new hire expectation below):

  1. Full-time employees and faculty of WVU.

  2. Participation in graduate education via committee service, teaching at the graduate level, or having a substantial national scientific reputation in their research area within the last 3 years.

  3. Publication of 2 or more manuscripts (not reviews) in peer-reviewed journals within the last 3 years (School of Dentistry and Allied Health Professions only need 1 published manuscript, not a review.

  4. 1 or more extramural grants (submitted, pending, or awarded) as principal investigator or co-investigator (School of Dentistry and Allied Health Professions can include intramural grant submissions).
  5. Attend a faculty mentoring session within the last 3 years (3 hours)

Associate Membership must satisfy at least 2 of the following:

  1. Member on thesis/dissertation committee
  2. Graduate-level teaching
  3. Scientific article, review, book, or chapter published within the last 3 years
  4. Grant (extra- or intra-mural) grant submitted within the last 3 years
  5. Presentation at state, regional, national, or international meeting within the last 3 years.
  6. Attend a faculty mentoring session within the last 3 years (Recommended)

Important Notes

(1) West Virginia University has a special collaboration with NIOSH. Scientists at NIOSH can train graduate students and be their primary mentor/advisor. NIOSH scientists who wish to mentor a student or to serve on a graduate student’s committee need to apply to be members of the graduate faculty at the associate level.

(2) New faculty hired as assistant professors in the tenure-track and whose appointments include an expectation of research and scholarship are generally approved for regular membership for their first 3 years even if they do not meet the requirements for graduate education and grant submission.

(3) The HSC generally does not approve faculty for membership on the graduate faculty from other colleges and schools at WVU. The exception to this is if the school, such as the College of Law, does not have a mechanism for graduate faculty membership.

Current Members

The above link provides a list by department of the current members of the Graduate faculty, their level of membership, and the year in which their term of membership expires.

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