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Student Projects

Independent Study Projects

Investigating the use of an adjustable rib belt for geriatric rib fracture patients. Student: Wasila Madhoun Mentor: Dr. Alison Wilson, MD

August 2018 Graduates

Quality assurance project assessing spinal cord compression at WVU. Student: Madison Messinger  Mentor: Malcolm Mattes, MD 

Time of survival of a secondary metastasis relation to distance traveled to gamma knife treatment. Student: Alexandra Arnold  Mentor: Chris Cifarelli, MD

Secondary Osteoporosis in West Virginia: A Retrospective Study. Student: Winnie Pham  Mentor: Melissa Lo Pinto, MD 

The Effects of High Intensity Interval Training on Arterial Stiffness and Cardiovascular Health. Student: Erin Mueller  Mentor: Paul Chantler, PhD

Influence of Social Media on Acne Treatments. Student: Clementine Etoundi  Mentor: Zach Zinn, MD

The Different Mechanisms of Apolipoprotein Isoforms in Alzheimer's Disease. Student: Shree Khadayat  Mentor: Abhik Sen, PhD

The effects of peripheral viral mimetic on the CXCL 10 signaling pathway. Student: Basma Basma  Mentor: Greg Konat, PhD

A Retrospective Comparison of CT-Stroke Protocol and MRI Modalities in Stroke Patients. Student: Patrick Kane  Mentor: Amelia Adcock, MD

Evaluation of the King-Devick test as a concussion screening tool in WV high school athletes. Student: Gage Hurlbert  Mentor: Brenden Balick, MD

Necrotizing Fasciitis: Local and National Trends. Student: Hasan Muzaffer  Mentor: Kim Bailey

Relationship between Serum Albumin levels and BMI in Breast Cancer. Student: Eric Lewis  Mentor: Emidio Pistilli, PhD

The Use of Adjustable Rib Belts for Non-Geriatric Rib Fracture Patients. Student: W. Michael Harris  Mentor Alison Wilson, MD 

May 2018 Graduates

Effects of Patient Variables on Indwelling Ureteral Stent Biofilm Formation and Associated Infections. Student: Natalie Green  Mentor: Alison Wilson, MD

Bridging the Gap of Pediatric Disability Providers in a West Virginia. Student: Whitney Horton  Mentor: Lesley Cottrell, PhD

Temporal Dynamics of Peripheral Leukocytes Following Acute Ischemic Stroke. Student: Kelsey Steele Mentor: Ashley Petrone, PhD

The Utility of the Mild Behavioral Impairment Checklist (MBI-C) as a Teaching Tool about Executive Dysfunction for Caregivers of those with Cognitive Impairment. Student: Catherine Waldron Mentor: Mark Miller, MD

Finding Wellness: A Hospital and Community Initiative. Student: Catherine Turner Mentor: Gwen Emery, MD

Exploring Factors That Improve Quality of Care in Acute and Chronic Surgical Wounds in West Virginia Patients. Student: Yassin Ismaeel   Mentors: Ranjita Misra, PhD and Cris Ueno, MD

Discovery of a dual monoamine oxidase B and acetylcholine esterase inhibitor that improves memory and shows neuroprotection in the C. elegans model of Parkinson’s disease. Student: Parker Kuyk   Mentor: Werner Geldenhuys

A Community-Based Diabetes Project. Student: Jessica Armes  Mentor: Ranjita Misra, PhD

Morphological and Functional Implications of Sexual Dimorphism in the Retrochiasmatic Area Population of NK3R-containing Neurons. Student: Brett Szeligo   Mentor: Robert Goodman, PhD

August 2017 Graduates

Facilitating Improved Patient Engagement in Weight Management through mHealth Technology Use in Patients' Visit Waiting Time. Student:  Elizabeth Moreau   Mentor: Dr. Treah Haggerty

Distracted Driving.  Student: Marissa Fletcher   Mentor: Dr. R. Constance Wiener

Osteoporosis Evaluation Quality Improvement Project.  Student: Jasmyne Hudson   Mentor: Dr. Melissa LoPinto

Arthritis: A Channel To Bone Loss.  Student: Asma Daoudi   Mentor: Dr. Lisa Robinson

Extraocular Muscle Training and Effects on Balance in Adults Fifty Years and Older. Student: Alison Amick  Mentor: Corrie Mancinelli

Improving Diabetes Screening and Referrals in Southeast WV Counties. Student: Ian Lough   Mentor: Dr. Ranjita Misra

Evaluation of Immune Cell Biomarkers in Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Student: Lindsey Mosmiller   Mentor: Dr. Ashley Petrone

Association of E-cigarettes and Oral Health Perception.  Student: Nisha Chaudhry   Mentor: Dr. R. Constance Wiener

Relationships between changes in BMI and circulating albumin levels in breast cancer patients from West Virginia.  Student: Matt Taylor   Mentor:  Dr. Ed Pistilli

Curcumin inhibits biofilm formation and dislodges the preformed biofilm of Gardnerella vaginalis by blocking extracellular DNA (eDNA): Implication in antibiotic resistant/recurring bacterial vaginosis. Student: Stephanie Beard   Mentor: Dr. Raj Naz

A forgotten disability: parent surgery of cleft Lip and palate patients in West Virginia. Student: Paige Rutter   Mentor:  Dr. Les Cottrell

Activate project! Improving physical activity and education practices in WV elementary schools. Student: Ife Fuwape   Mentor: Dr. Les Cottrell

Diabetes and Hypertension Self-Management Program. Student: Gena’Lee Gordon   Mentor:  Dr. R. Constance Wiener

Alkaline Phosphatase and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Sepsis.  Student: Austin Nichols   Mentor: Dr. Candice Brown