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Biomedical Sciences

The Ph.D. programs in the Biomedical Sciences allows for the development of research and critical thinking skills as well as preparation in career development to propel students into a myriad of careers in research, teaching, industry, government, and other positions that require specialized training at the graduate level.

Degree granting Ph.D. programs in the Biomedical Sciences

Prospective students:

Graduate education in the Biomedical Sciences at West Virginia University offers you the unique opportunity to explore multiple disciplines and areas of research in the biomedical sciences but to also fast track into a dissertation laboratory and a graduate program within one semester. The Ph.D. programs in the Biomedical Sciences share a common admission’s process. Once admitted, students enter in the undifferentiated Biomedical Sciences program and pursue a common core curriculum in the first semester. You will rotate through 3 laboratories during the fall semester to select a dissertation advisor.  To learn more about these programs click through the navigation.  While many of these programs are closely aligned with Basic Science departments, faculty across departments can be members of multiple graduate programs.  The Prospective Students’ link provides information on application, interviewing, the financial package, and core curriculum.

New students:

The graduate programs in the biomedical sciences offer you the opportunity to do your research in a collaborative and interactive environment.  Follow the navigation to learn the details of the core curriculum you will take in the first semester.  You can also access the graduate handbook that details expectations and procedures for the first year in graduate school as well as the policies common to all graduate students.

Contact Information:

Program Contacts:

Connor Ferguson
Admissions Coordinator


Joe Andria
Program Coordinator