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General Timeline for Froms Submission

Health Sciences Center Forms

These are the most universally used forms by graduate programs at the WVU Health Science Center. The forms are fillable, but submission is not yet electronic. Download the blank form first, type all required information, print the completed form, and obtain the required signatures. Students should keep a copy of the form for their personal files and submit the original to the Office of Research and Graduate Education for final approval.

After forms are approved for those students enrolled in a School of Medicine or School of Pharmacy graduate program, the original document is placed in the student’s permanent file in this office and an electronic version is uploaded and made available to program directors and advisors on a secure file-sharing network. For students enrolled in a School of Dentistry, Nursing, or Public Health graduate program, a copy is placed in the student’s permanent file in this office and the original document is sent via interdepartmental mail to the School/Department.

Application for Graduate Credit Transfer

This form is used to transfer credits for graduate courses taken at another institution to WVU. It must be accompanied by a copy of the transcript from that institution. An official transcript must be sent to the Office of the University Registrar.

Committee Approval

This form should be completed before the first meeting with your thesis or dissertation advisory committee. The student and advisor should agree upon committee membership. The majority of members must have regular graduate faculty status and at least one member must be from outside of the student's program

Committee Membership Change

Adding an additional member or replacing a member of the student's committee requires signatures from the new member and the replaced member, if the faculty member is still at WVU.

Defense Announcement Flyer Template

Students are required to post flyers around the HSC announcing their scheduled Dissertation/Thesis Proposal Defense and final Dissertation/Thesis Defense presentations.

Dissertation Committee Evaluation

This form is to be completed by the student's mentor/committee chair following each Dissertation Committee Meeting. One meeting per year is mandatory. This form is to be signed by the Committee Chair, the Dissertation Mentor (if not the committee chair), the Program Director, and the student. The original goes in the program file of the student and copies are kept in the student’s file in the HSC Office of Research & Graduate Education (G108 BMRC) and by the student.

Doctoral Qualifying (Preliminary) Exam

The Qualifying Exam(s) tests the student's knowledge of program specific information. Not all programs have a qualifying exam and the format varies by program. This form documents successful completion of the exam(s).

Doctoral Candidacy Examination

Passage of the candidacy exam must be documented on this form. Following entrance to candidacy, the student has 5 years to complete the degree.

Graduate Faculty Membership

This link takes the faculty to the policy on membership and the application.

Graduation Application

This is a link to the Office of the University Registrar's online application for graduation. the Office of Research and Graduate Education will communicate the deadline for the application each semester.

Graduation Checklists

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

All students in the BMS PhD, MS, and MD/PhD programs, and any students whose stipend is paid by an NIH grant, must complete the IDP annually and review it with their mentor.

Please choose the appropriate form:

Leave of Absence

This form documents the start of and return from a Leave of Absence. Consult the Leave of Absence Policy for the details of what constitutes a leave.

Plan of Study Form and Guidelines

The Plan of Study is a formal agreement between the student and their program regarding the required courses to earn the degree. Any changes to the approved Plan of Study  must be made through mutual agreement, between the student and the committee members or program faculty. A memorandum of change needs to be submitted to the Office of Research and Graduate Education.

  • PhD, DPN: complete this form before the fourth semester in graduate school
  • MS, MPH, MSN: complete his form and consult program for due date

Plan of Study Amendment Form

Use this form to submit minor changes to the Plan of Study. If major changes are required, students must re-submit and obtain approval from their advisory committee using the Plan of Study form above.

Shuttle Sheet Request Form and Guidelines

This request must be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the thesis/dissertation defense. The thesis or dissertation document must be given to the committee members prior to their signing the form. Upon receipt, the Office of Research and Graduate Education reviews the student's file for completion of requirements and provides the student with the Shuttle Sheet. After a successful defense, the committee signs the Shuttle Sheet and indicates that the student is approved for graduation.