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Teaching Spotlight

The Office of Research and Graduate Education is highlighting faculty within the HSC who are dedicated to excellence in teaching.
Dr. Mark Paternostro - A Professor in Physiology and Pharmacology, Dr. Paternostro cares about his students and attempts to make the learning experience as personal as possible. Per one student: “He ensures that each assignment or in-class activity is pertinent to the goals and outcomes of the lecture, and provides ample opportunity for constructive student/instructor self-assessment and feedback. As an educator, he is well-prepared, intelligent, and committed to continual self-improvement for the betterment of his students' educational experiences.”
Dr. Bill Stauber - According to his students, his superb organization makes learning easier, especially in this era of COVID-19. One student comments, “Dr. Stauber is a very good teacher and his lectures are very detailed. His notes are really well written and his lectures are very nicely organized. Outside the classroom, Dr. Stauber is very helpful and helped to make the Prelims examination easy for us in an online setup.”